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May 19th, 2012

Two things that make people think twice about going paleo are: firstly, the lack of easy paleo recipes available, and secondly, a lack of paleo dessert options.

Now, we know the first one isn’t true because there are plenty of great paleo recipes out there and abundance of things you can cook once you know exactly what is paleo-friendly and what isn’t. The second reason on the other hand is a valid point for a newcomer to the paleo world.

On first impressions one is thinking, no processed food, no flour, no sugar, no additives or preservatives, so how the heck do you make a dessert on the paleo diet?

Actually there are some delicious paleo dessert recipes out there and, one way to invent your own is to simply convert existing dessert recipes into paleo friendly dessert recipes, like these paleo brownie dessert recipes.

When we think about caveman diet recipes desserts don’t spring to mind. This is because cavemen wouldn’t have eaten desserts, well they would, but sweet fruits instead of brownies. When coming up with desserts for the paleo diet you need to substitute ingredients. So, instead of butter, use coconut oil, and instead of sugar, use ground apples or dates as a sweetener.

You can be a little bit naughty sometimes. For example, at Christmas why not treat yourself to some paleo rum balls using minced dates, cocoa, coconut, pecans, and a naughty splash of rum. Okay, rum isn’t paleo, but if you have been paleo focused all year then no one is going to begrudge you a splash of rum on a special occasion.

You Don’t Need Sugar When You Have Fruit

There is so much you can do with pear, mango, coconut, cinnamon, pecans, and all manner of berries. The older fruit gets the sweeter it becomes, so instead of throwing fruit out that has turned too sweet to eat, why not make a paleo foods dessert.

Even flour can be innovated on by using almond flour. To make almond flour you start by blanching the almonds to remove the skins, and then ground them down as finely as you can. There is always a way round things, that is the beauty of paleo.

Where To Look For More Paleo Dessert Recipes

If you are eating paleo or starting out on a paleo diet, but are unsure as to the kind of paleo foods that can be used for paleo dessert recipes, then have a look at Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbook Series and Nikki’s Paleo Sweets cookbook.

Going paleo doesn’t have to mean giving up treats, desserts, or snacks, it just means being a little creative.

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